Some information, and a few questions.

As people may have noticed, World of Monsters is still in the early stages.

I, for one, have many problems with my own series that I am not content with. As such I will be releasing a few more chapters and see what people think.

If no one messages me then I will drop it for the most part because I have another idea that I want to try out, however I might post chapters of it whenever I get bored.

Anyway, Enjoy what there is currently and feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.

WoM Cp5 (I remembered what I left out)

As in the title of this post, I remembered that I left out the description of something in this chapter.

I mean… its not like it was a crucial piece of the plot…


Anyway, for those that don’t want to go back and read [WoM Cp5], here is the left out part:

However I stood frozen upon witnessing my own body. I was not too well muscled before, more lean than anything. But now a thin layering of muscles covered my body.

More than that…

What is this?

I poked what appeared to be a golden orb situated in the center of my chest. The skin around it was smoothly lined with the orb, and the orb dimly glowed with power.

I really hoped this didn’t turn into a fatal weak point… Wait that’s a death flag isn’t it?”

WoM Cp4, and updates

First things first, I re-wrote chapters 1 through 3 along with writing chapter 4. There was some mechanics that were causing me problems down the road, so I quickly went back and edited them. While doing that I differentiated the beginning from the novel Master of Monsters, as I felt it was too similar. But what I mainly changed is the mechanics.
So feel free to go back and re-read chapters one through three.

Now, without further ado, here is chapter 4.


[WoM Cp2] The devil, Yv

Well, after a bit of discussion with the people I have asked to edit the chapters before I publish them (who are mostly useless), I have decided to release a chapter a week for my own convenience.
Since I already said I would release every other day or so, this chapter is somewhat of an apology for my original statement.

So without further ado, here is the link.