A little change… well… a bit more than little…

Alright, first off, I have started posting on RoyalRoad, a website that has many fictions written by people like me, and for now I will stop using this wordpress. For now, I will be continuing the fiction I posted on Royal Road as a test, but later I might post Wisp’s Path and/or World of Monsters on that site.

Now, as to why I switched;

Comments are food for me. Bad comments, good comments, critique comments, aimless conversation comments. They fill me and feed the Gardner who tends to the forest of ideas in my head. Of course without that Gardner the trees will slowly wither, and I’ll eventually stop writing about the ones that die.

As such comments can be viewed as necessary for me to continue writing, a little bit of encouragement or incentive if you will. As such there is a vast lacking of food on this website, and my Gardner is now thin to the bone with his over sized blue overalls and button down silver shit are hanging loosely over his frame, his prideful cat slippers slipping off his feet as he walks shakily with a twisted iron watering can and a rusted gold pair of clippers to the various trees.

Needless to say, my trees aren’t getting enough nutrition as he is. So like all intelligent animals, when one food source isn’t working; you search for another. This led me to RoyalRoad, where as a test I put up a chapter and description of a short story I had been working on in the back ground. After waiting a few hours for it to be approved, low and behold various comments started showing up.

My old Gardner rejoiced! Dancing around in his lanky clothing as food poured from the heavens!


Anyway, I have moved over to RR, and am going to be tending to the tree I have there for a while. For those who wish to continue to read my work; Here is the link to my story on RR.

I wish you all farewell, and let us meet again in some other time.